About SRA

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The Aggie Network is among the most powerful groups of former students in the world. To encourage students to build contacts among their peers in retailing while at Texas A&M University, the Center for Retailing Studies sponsors the Student Retailing Association (SRA). With more than 80 members, SRA is one of the largest student organizations in Mays Business School.  

To encourage the professional development of its members, SRA hosts more than a dozen executives each year who discuss topics such as how to brand yourself, developing leadership potential, entrepreneurship, and transitioning from college to a corporate environment. SRA is actively involved with the National Retail Federation Student Association, which strives to educate and expand student networks within the retailing industry. Each year SRA commits itself to developing the members through professional workshops, philanthropic events, social activities, executive luncheons, and more. 

SRA meetings are usually held every other Tuesday at 7:30 PM in the Wehner Building. Please see the complete calendar for all dates and time

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