Certificate in Retail

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Certificate in Retailing

 The Certificate in Retailing program allows for a better insight to careers within the field of study. You will receive focused business preparation for a retailing career through coursework designed to be applicable even after college. You will possess a diverse skill set that includes hands-on experience and understand that retail is a blend of art and science. Enroll today and set yourself apart. Requirements and coursework listed here and more information on the Certificate webpage. 

What's next?

*Please note there are 3 forms required throughout the process:

1.) To start the program, complete Declaration of Intent form. This begins your record in the program 

2.) To report you completed your internship. An advisor will contact your employer to confirm employment date

3.) Application for certificate graduation  Submit this form at the start of your final semester so the advisor can check your course record and request that the certificate distinction be recorded on your official transcript.

*All forms should be turned into the MKTG Advising office in Room 242. You may submit them via email to Andrew Loring (aloring@mays.tamu.edu)


Business Majors

All business majors in good standing are eligible for the Certificate in Retailing.  For any further questions, please contact khollinger@tamu.edu or drop by the Center for Retailing Studies in 201.